high toilet seat for the elderly

10 benefits of a high toilet seat for the elderly

Whether you are living with someone who has mobility impairment or you are that someone, there may always be a risk of falling or injuring oneself in the bathroom. It has been statistically proven that most of the accidents in the elderly happen in bathrooms. More specifically, due to lower toilet seat height. This means that individuals who have age restrictions or mobility issues need to bend down to access the toilet seat. This can be the cause of much more severe health conditions. Thus, it becomes crucial to convert your regular bathroom into a elderly- friendly space starting with high toilet seats. 

Luckily, that’s where Concept Mobility Ltd. comes to the help. Our team of professionals analyzes every aspect required for mobility installations and makes sure to provide the best.

Before we get into the benefits of a high toilet seat, let us understand the term “high/ raised toilet seat”. So,

What is a high toilet seat?

A raised toilet seat is, as it sounds, an assistive gadget for those with restricted mobility intended to assist them with utilizing the toilet while seated. They essentially replace the current toilet seat, so they are very simple to install.

In most simplicity, it decreases the distance the individual requires to bring down themselves to the seat and stand back-up once more. Raising the height of your toilet seat by a few inches makes a great difference for the elderly. These seats can be installed anywhere like walk-in shower or wet rooms for the elderly.

Benefits of a high toilet seat for the elderly

Here are some of the benefits you gain from a raised/ high toilet seat for the elderly:

Independence for the elderly

A toilet seat raiser is a valuable bathroom gadget particularly for the elderly and disabled as it makes the use of the bathroom less difficult thus, expanding their independence. Having self-confidence and mental bliss is critical for their satisfaction. Not looking for help to go to the toilet can radically work on these sentiments and lift their mental and emotional perspective.

Prevents Injuries and Falls

Toilet seat risers with hand grips in walk-in baths or showers can help prevent falls and make life better for your family. Falls can hurt and make people worry about more accidents. This might make them less active and more reliant on others.

high toilets seat for the elderly

Guarantees Stability and Confidence

You can choose a high toilet seat with or without grab rails. But if you think you need more support, we suggest high toilet seats with extra help. The extra height will be gentler on your joints, like knees, and make standing up easier. You should feel more confident in the bathrooms. Raised toilets come in many styles to match your bathroom and preferences.


High toilet seats come in various styles and designs, allowing for customization to suit the preferences and bathroom decor of elderly individuals. This ensures that the toilet meets their specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

A Long Term Investment

Installing a high toilet seat in a walk-in shower for the elderly or a wet room for the disabled is an insightful and long-term investment in the security and prosperity of elderly people. It lessens the probability of mishaps and wounds, at last saving money on possible medical expenses and guaranteeing a superior quality of life.

Concept Mobility Ltd. is here to assist all individuals who have aged to the point that they can not function without bathroom mobility modifications. From wet rooms, walk-in showers for the elderly, or high toilet seats we guarantee our best work to improve user lifestyle.

Less Stressful for Joints

Painful joints are often a concern for people living with mobility-related conditions and constant bending and standing due to a low toilet seat can be a discomfort for the joints. For the elderly and disabled, a high toilet seat in their wet rooms or walk-in shower can be a beneficial investment. This will relieve them of joint pain as they will not have to lower themselves more than they are accustomed to. Just through a simple gadget, the whole bathroom experience can be made less uncomfortable.

Improved Safety for the Caretaker

When helping someone in the bathroom, both the person being cared for and the caregiver face risks of injury. The caregiver might slip or fall while assisting. Using mobility aids in a walk-in shower for the elderly like a high toilet seat or grab bars can lessen the risk. These tools make it easier for caregivers to help safely, reducing the chance of accidents.

Improves Mobility

Having a high toilet seat that is elevated can improve mobility by making it simpler for people to lower themselves onto and rise from the seat in a wet room for the elderly. A taller seat means less need for bending, which eases pressure on joints such as the knees and hips. This increased height offers improved support and steadiness, leading to a more pleasant and secure bathroom visit. Moreover, the raised position encourages self-sufficiency and lowers the chances of accidents, thus enhancing safety and health.

Preserves Dignity

A high toilet seat preserves dignity for the elderly by advancing independence and decreasing the need for help. It makes sitting and standing simpler, decreasing mishaps and advancing confidence. This keeps up with self-regard and control during personal hygiene undertakings.

Work on Quality of Life

High toilets work on the quality of life for seniors by helping independence, security, and solace in the bathroom. They assist seniors in staying independent and keeping up with dignity which guarantees their prosperity and peace of mind.


Selecting high toilet seats from Concept Mobility Ltd. goes beyond simply improving bathroom accessibility. It is fundamentally about enhancing the quality of life for elderly individuals. Our selection of mobility aids, such as walk-in showers, wet rooms, and bathroom and kitchen aids, is designed to promote independence, safety, and comfort. By incorporating high toilet seats into their homes, seniors can keep their autonomy and dignity. This also ensures their well-being and peace of mind. Our dedication to providing top-notch products and personalized help guarantees that each person receives the help they need to live a fulfilling and empowered life.

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