Concept Mobility Ltd use quality products and experienced fitters for all of our installations and all of our work is backed with a 5-year guarantee.

We can personally help you find appropriate bathing and toilet facilities which will mean living more independently, so that you can retain your independence and dignity to a much greater extent.

We have many solutions and help provide mobility bathrooms that are practical, safe and easy to use. We can turn your current bathroom into a full wet room or fit a level access shower with easy to operate doors and controls - these provide level access to all areas. If you need to fully immerse in a bath for medical or personal reasons, we also offer walk-in style baths, along with a range of bathroom mobility aids, which allow you to do this.

We can also offer fully automatic toilet solutions that help to maintain your independence as well as ensuring your dignity at all times.

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Showers for the Disabled

Here at Concept Mobility Ltd, our team of experts in bathrooms in Reading are able to provide you with a disabled featured walk-in shower to help make your life easier. Working with our team we will be able to tailor the fitting to meet your specific requirements and make sure that they match your needs.

Our walk in showers is completely customisable from step in and out showers through to a completely adjustable height of every aspect of the shower for wheelchair assistance. Our professionals will take your requirements on board and ensure that we install a bathroom that helps you in every way.

Easy Access

Wheelchair Entry


Bathrooms Windsor
Bathrooms Ascot

Wet Rooms – a solution for the Disabled & Elderly

When using a traditional bath and shower can be too difficult one of the best alternatives is a accessbile wet room. Our in house team will design an obstacle-free room that will give you easy access to a showering area, this is perfect for wheelchair access.

Using our team knowledge, our experts in wet rooms in Reading can design a wet room that suits your style and taste, using special anti-slip vinyl on the floor and a range of different grab rails, we can design it to fit your every need.

Easy Access

Anti-slip layer

Wheelchair Accessible 

Bath Lifts & Bath Aids

Not only are we able to provide wet rooms in Reading but we can also deliver bespoke fitted bath lifts in the UK across the surrounding areas. This is one of the most effective ways to help maintain your independence and not need the assistance of a carer or relative. Bath lifts are incredibly easy to use with intuitive controls you will be able to gain the support of a cushioned seats, allowing you to get in and out the bath with ease.

Bath lifts are a great option for any budget as it doesn't require a bathroom remodel, one of our experts will just need to install a small machine that attaches to the side of your bath and securely attach the seat. This means that you are able to maintain the style of your bathroom.

Intuitive Controls

Cushioned Seat


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