As with all of our internal adaptations, our external works are also backed by a 5-year guarantee.

Being able to get in and out of your property without assistance is a lifeline to many. We can help provide a range of access solutions including rails, automatic door entry systems and access ramps.

Once we have have completed a survey, we will personally discuss the options with you and agree the best solution.

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Access Ramps

We are skilled in installing access ramps to any part of your property. From adding wheelchair access to your property as an easier alternative to stairs to installing ramps that fit with your style of home. Our access ramps can be installed over any type of surface such as lawns, drains and manhole covers.

All of our ramps are finished with an anti-slip layer that can help against all types of weather, helping to keep your mobile in the toughest of conditions.

You Will Benefit From:

Easy Access


Wheelchair Entry


Access Ramps Ascot
Access Ramps Windsor
Exterior Access Ramps Reading
Hand Rails Reading

Hand Rails

One of the most effective and discreet ways of increasing your mobility is installing handrails. This is a great option for adding an additional method of support and helps to make access to your property just that little bit easier. Handrails also come in a range of different colours and styles to match the character of your property.

We will help you work out where the best and most useful placement for these handrails would be, putting them in places that would be most beneficial to you.

Range of Colours 

Range of Styles

Additional Support

Have a Specific Requirement?

Our priority on providing a personal service means we are always willing to adapt and to help you in any way possible. Working with you and using our range of contacts within the industry we will then be able to produce a few different options for you to choose from.

We aim to give the very best customer service possible and will always go above and beyond to help. Feel free to get in touch with us directly and arrange for a time where we can have a face to face consultation with you.

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