What are mobility showers?

Mobility Showers

Mobility showers cater to individuals with mobility challenges by offering specially designed shower units. These units aim to make the bathing experience safer, more accessible, and more comfortable for users of all abilities. They typically include features such as low or zero-entry thresholds, grab bars, non-slip flooring, and adjustable shower heads. Additionally, some mobility showers…

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How to design a disabled bathroom?

Disable Bathrooms

Are you ready to transform your bathroom into an accessible and stylish oasis? If you need a mobility solution, your search ends with Concept Mobility. With the right tips and tactics, you can design a disabled bathroom that is both beautiful and practical. What mobility aids should a disabled bathroom consist of? Spaciousness is vital…

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Bathroom layouts with walk-in shower


The modern bathroom has evolved from a purely functional space into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, with the walk-in shower leading this transformation. Its growing popularity is evident in contemporary bathroom designs, showcasing not only aesthetic appeal but also practical functionality. If you’re contemplating a bathroom renovation or are in the early stages of…

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How do walk-in baths work?


How do walk-in baths work? Working of a walk-in bath depends on many things. I.e. its doors, seatings, flooring etc. Let us a t Concept Mobility Ltd. explain how walk-in baths work by analyzing their components, practical tips and the need for professional installation. In simple words a walk-in bath operates with easy access in…

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What can a Cold Shower do for you and your body in the UK?


Cold showers could seem like a frosty trial. However, they offer a host of unique benefits for both the body and the brain. In the UK, where the weather conditions can be crisp even in the hotter months, embracing the cold shower pattern could be especially favorable. How about we investigate the miracles of cold…

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What are the best Disabled Wet Room Flooring Options in UK [2024]

disabled wet room flooring

Disabled wet room flooring provides a solution for creating wheelchair-friendly and accessible bathrooms without facing daunting challenges. Adding accessibility to the house is often achieved with bathroom modifications. The simplest of these modifications is installing disabled wet rooms with flooring that suits the needs of a disabled individual. An in-house accessible bathroom specialist helps you…

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