Cubicle Shower for Disabled

Cubicle Shower for Disabled Users

Making bathing solutions for individuals with a range of disabilities, there are a few choices accessible with regards to showers for disabled clients, to help with the versatility for you or a friend or family member.

Assisting with further developing security and independence, disabled shower units can be fit without thinking twice about your bathroom’s general plan.

This article breaks down the disabled shower choices accessible and what you want to consider, assisting you with picking the best solution for your washing needs.

What do we mean by showers/ wet rooms for disabled users?

Capitalizing on the accessible space, wet rooms transform your whole room into a more secure disabled shower solution. Making a genuine level access solution, a disabled wet room is the tailor-chose decision as the shape, size and layout of a disabled shower wet room can be tweaked to suit the necessities of the client or their carer.

With a somewhat inclined shower plate that is introduced under the floor, the whole room is guaranteed to be completely waterproofed and covered with anti-slip vinyl flooring and either accessible wall sheets or slip-resistant tiles. An extra modification to assist with limiting water inside the disabled shower region would be done by installing shower curtains as well as half-level doors. It is not a fundamental expansion but rather a favored one where care or assistance is expected as it gives a component of privacy.

Discover the perfect Disabled-Friendly Shower Cubicle: A World of Options Await!

An accessible shower cubicle that is suited to your exact needs can be challenging as not everyone faces the same challenges as others. Professional help is necessary for constructing the right shower cubicle. Concept Mobility Ltd. is your trusted partner for any sort of modification you need in your shower for disabled users. To assemble additional data on what is needed to construct the perfect shower for disabled users, read below:

Wheelchair Accessible Disabled Shower

Wheelchair accessible disabled showers are a sort of wet room for disabled users that permit individuals who use wheelchairs or have portability issues to bathe securely and freely. These showers normally include wide passages, get bars, non-slip flooring, and flexible shower heads. They give sufficient room to wheelchair-restricted individuals to move easily and freely. It usually incorporates benches or chairs for added mobility. These showers focus on security, accessibility, and convenience, guaranteeing that everybody can partake in a stately bathing experience.

Level Access Shower Cubicles

In the event that you don’t need wheelchair access or carer support, level-access mobility showers are an extraordinary disabled shower choice.

Comprising an anti-slip shower plate that is introduced flush (level) with your floor, level access disabled shower units eliminate any necessities to step over. Water from your shower is contained by your decision of glass door, shower curtain as well as half height door.

Accessible in a scope of shower plate sizes, level access disabled shower units can be straightforwardly squeezed into an eliminated shower area, which is perfect for people who wish to keep their current bathroom layout.

Carer-Assisted Shower Solutions

Many people suffering from disabilities are unable to perform day to day bathroom tasks independently let alone take a shower by themselves. For those individuals, a carer’s assistance is indeed necessary. Thus, creating your bathing space into a carer assisted shower for the disabled is the way to go. This type of shower needs to have enough space for the disabled person as well as their carer to move freely. Concept Mobility Ltd. not only suggests an open shower for disabled users but also enhances it with mobility aids like( anti-slip vinyl flooring, slip-resistant tiles, etc.). This will benefit both the carer and the patient.

Cubicle Shower for Disabled

Necessary Mobility Aids in a Disable-friendly shower cubicle

A shower cubicle for disabled users doesn’t just contain an open space and a shower. There are many more features that must be considered to make it fully functional and disable-friendly. Some of those mobility aids are mentioned below:

Thermostat Controls

  • Disabled shower units feature thermostatically controlled shower mixers.
  • Prevents shower water from heating past a safe temperature, avoiding burns.

Fitted Grab Bars

  • Available in various sizes and designs.
  • Can be installed anywhere in the shower cubicle for better maneuverability.

Fixed Shower Seat

  • Provides a resting option during bathing.
  • Includes a fixed cushion and armrests for comfort and support.

Anti-Slip Vinyl Flooring

  • Prevents slips and falls with its non-slip design.
  • Easy to clean and available in different colors and textures.

Maintenance-Free Wall Boards

  • Low-maintenance alternative to tiles.
  • Easy to clean and available in various designs.

Why Choose Concept Mobility?

Concept Mobility Ltd. is your trusted partner for constructing the perfect shower for disabled users. Our expertise and attention to detail ensure a bathing solution that meets your unique requirements, promoting safety, comfort, and independence for all users.

FAQ’s About Cubicle Shower For Disabled

What disabled shower mobility aids will I need to install?

Essential mobility aids for a shower for the disabled include thermostats, grab bars, non-slip flooring, shower seats, wall boards, and vinyl flooring.

Can I get a shower cubicle for the disabled that can fit a wheelchair and carer?

Absolutely! Professionals at Concept Mobility Ltd. can construct either a walk-in shower or a wet room for the disabled to accommodate a wheelchair along with a caretaker.

What is the purpose of a thermostat in a shower for disabled users?

Thermostats maintain the temperature of the water as per your requirement. People with disabilities become sensitive to certain things, water temperature being one of them. A thermostat guarantees that one can adjust the temperature as per requirement.

What features do wheelchair-accessible disabled showers offer?

These showers include wide entrances, grab bars, non-slip flooring, and flexible shower heads, providing ample space for wheelchair users to bathe safely and independently.

Why choose Concept Mobility for disabled-friendly showers?

Concept Mobility Ltd. is your trusted partner for constructing the perfect shower for disabled users, ensuring safety, comfort, and independence for all.