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A typical problem wheelchair-restricted users face is getting into a moderately confined restroom space on various occasions for seven days to bathe securely and effectively. For people with limited mobility, the basic demonstration of cleaning up can introduce various deterrents. Enter the wheelchair accessible shower: a need in the realm of comprehensive washroom design.

Worked in light of openness, a cutting-edge wheelchair-accessible shower incorporates elements, for example, a level access shower plate and wide-opening entryways. This gives comfort, comfort, and safety to those with handicaps, cultivating a feeling of independence.

Is it possible to shower in a wheelchair?

People with restricted mobility often hear the question “Is it possible to shower in a wheelchair?”. The answer can contrast between yes and no. In traditional bathroom showering spaces where there is only space for the individuals themselves do not accommodate the needs of those restricted to a wheelchair. This is because of congested spaces and a lack of mobility aids. However, in modern and up-to-date showers, there is room for not only the person in a wheelchair but also their carer if necessary.

Concept Mobility Ltd. is here to provide modern shower solutions to benefit both the elderly and the disabled. Thus showering becomes easy and dignified!


Not only does a wheelchair-accessible shower guarantee independence but it can provide several benefits to the individual as well as their carer. Mentioned below are some obvious advantages Concept Mobility Ltd. wants you to know about making your showers wheelchair friendly:


The most practical benefit that a wheelchair-accessible shower offers is the convenience and space it offers to individuals restricted to a wheelchair. The need to be lifted and placed in a bath to take a shower is omitted by this innovation. Through this one can easily roll in the walk-in wheelchair accessible shower and bathe easily.

The easy in and out way aligns with daily movement thus saving both time and effort.

Inclusive of all people

Wheelchair accessible wet rooms are not only for private homes, they must be included in all areas to facilitate all people with restricted mobility. Showers for wheelchair users in places like gyms, malls, parks, and hotels make sure that all individuals are gathered under a shared narrative. This initiative can be made even better by installing additional mobility aids like handrails, level access shower trays, etc.

Safe and Healthy environment

Safety is foremost, particularly in wet conditions like restrooms or wet rooms idea for wheelchair accessibility. Wheelchair accessible showers are designed considering this, with mobility aids like slip-resistant decks and grab bars. Besides, the extensive design of a wheelchair shower stall guarantees that there’s space to maneuver, diminishing the gamble of mishaps and wounds.

Independence and Liberty

One of the less unmistakable yet urgent advantages of showers for wheelchair users is the feeling of dignity and individual flexibility gained by making a walk-in shower wheelchair accessible. Being ready to shower independently and in protection, according to one’s preferences and without help, can fundamentally support an individual’s self-esteem and overall prosperity.

showers for wheelchair user

Ways to Ensure that Your Shower is Wheelchair Friendly

If you are looking to make your bathroom/ walk-in shower accessible for all wheelchair users, we suggest a few mobility aids to install in showers for wheelchair users. Here are some of these bathroom mobility aids for you:

Ensuring your shower is disability-accommodating is essential for openness. Here are some basic ways of achieving this:

Grab Bars: Strong and steady grab bars close to the shower entry and inside for support.

Non-Slip Flooring: Use non-slip tiles or mats to forestall slips and falls.

Accessible Shower Entrance: Guarantee the shower entrance is wide enough for a wheelchair or walker to go through without any problem.

Adjustable Shower Heads: Install customizable shower heads that can be handily reached and maneuvered.

Shower Bench or Chair: Install a steady shower bench or seat for the people who need to sit while showering.

Handheld Showerhead: Utilize a handheld showerhead for flexibility and convenience.

Low Threshold or Walk-In Shower: Decide on a low threshold or walk-in shower for easy access without tripping dangers.

Accessible Controls: Install shower controls at a reachable level and easy-to-work handles.

By implementing these actions, you can make a shower that is protected and accessible for everybody, no matter what their mobility or disability.


In summary, Concept Mobility Ltd. understands that wheelchair accessible showers are important for people who have trouble moving around. We are here to make bathing safer and give people more freedom by providing appropriate wheelchair-accessible shower solutions.

FAQ’s About wheelchair accessible shower

Can I shower in a wheelchair?

Yes, modern wheelchair accessible showers allow individuals to shower comfortably.

What are the advantages of a wheelchair accessible shower?

It offers independence, convenience, and safety of showering for wheelchair users.

Why are wheelchair accessible showers important?

Wheelchair accessible showers provide dignity and freedom for individuals with limited mobility.

How can I make my shower wheelchair friendly?

You can install grab bars, non-slip flooring, and accessible controls, among other modifications or you can have professionals at Concept Mobility Ltd. do it for you.

Is installing a level access shower seat a beneficial investment?

Installing a level access shower seat can prove to be of great benefit. It can be adjusted with smart controls which makes showering easy.