pros and cons of walk-in showers

The pros and cons of walk-in showers

Trends come and go. Be it for fashion or home improvement people tend to follow whatever latest trends take place within the social world. The ongoing trend nowadays is to completely transform the bathroom into a traditional bathtub. Instead, transform your small bathroom layout into a walk-in shower.

A walk-in shower has become all of the hype as it turns out to be more spacious and attractive. Plus it can become the main focus of your whole bathroom interior when installed with perfect materials and the right professionals like Concept Mobility Ltd.. There is an additional benefit to a walk-in shower which makes it stand out. Walk-in showers installed by our experts provide safety and security to those with restricted mobility. Due to the absence of a bathtub, it is easy for the elderly and disabled to walk in and out of the shower with ease.

What does a walk-in shower consist of?

A stunning walk-in shower is a level shower area with no steps. It usually has a durable floor and may have glass panels or curtains. Inside, there’s a handheld showerhead and grab bars. Some also have a built-in bench. They’re great for easy access and safety.

Pros and Cons of walk-in showers

While a walk-in shower for the elderly might seem the perfect idea as of now. But one needs to analyze all the aspects of this particular installation and all the things that come with it. Everything has its pros and cons. So does a walk-in shower. Concept Mobility Ltd. lists all possible pros and cons of walk-in showers that you need to be acknowledged:

Pros of a walk-in shower for disabled

Accessible and Aesthetic

One of the greatest benefits of the walk-in shower, other than the feel, is the accessibility factor. For individuals who face mobility issues or those suffering from joint pain, a walk-in shower doesn’t expect them to put forth additional attempts while getting in and out. This likewise diminishes the dangers of falling which is a main pressing issue concerning the elderly. Furthermore, because of no control or threshold, wheelchair clients have simplicity of passage, then, at that point, a lot of room to move within the shower.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Walk-in showers for the elderly and disabled do not have the ordinary curves and crevices of a traditional tub/shower combo. In this way, there are fewer places for the soapy residue and mildew to develop which makes it extremely simple to clean. Those bath crevices additionally can hold water back from flowing flawlessly into the drain, leading to clogs. They are accessible by moving water rapidly out of the shower so you’re not standing in a pool of water when your drain clogs.

Spacious and Luxurious

A walk-in shower creates the illusion of a huge space although it can undoubtedly fit in tiny bathroom spaces. The actual shower becomes noticeable, as it isn’t obstructed from view by a shower door. This settle footage is added to the entire bathroom doubling the perspective on your bathroom size.

Enhances Versatility

A walk-in shower can be installed in any bathroom size, as fitting your real space can be customized. You won’t have any challenges putting up this kind of shower in a room that may be limited in space or of an uncommon shape.

Saves Energy and Water

If you want your home to be more energy efficient and cut down on vast water wastage, then a walk-in shower with a stunning layout for a small bathroom is the way to go. It provides a long-term and budget-friendly solution for homeowners.

pros and cons of walk-in shower

Cons of a Walk-in Shower for disabled/ elderly

While you can gain a lot of perks from a walk-in shower as an easy-access bathroom, there are also a few cons to it. These are:

Eliminated Privacy

The main design of walk-in shower doors and walls is made of glass or other transparent material. This see-through material as a walk-in shower door or window can cause some users to lose privacy while showering. This type of shower is not suitable in commercial areas where many people bathe at the same time. However, homeowners with the luxury of having a private bathroom can easily access them.

Incorporates Moisture and Humidity

No matter what the plan, water, and moisture will ultimately leave the shower in some structure either as water sprinkles or as steam from hot showers. This can harm the entire bathroom since high humidity and moisture establish a damp environment, which is the main cause of mold.

Tends to be a little colder

This probably won’t be entirely imaginable with a walk-in shower. Truth be told, this sort of shower configuration is doorless and continually remains semi-open. This implies that a chilly airflow can sneak in whenever and ruin your shower insight!

There are numerous solutions to this issue. Our professionals at Concept Mobility Ltd. can install heated flooring beneath the walk-in shower or a thermostat to control water temperature.

Why Choose Concept Mobility Ltd.?

Walk-in showers are trendy and come with both benefits and demerits. But the pros always outweigh the cons of the whole walk-in shower for the elderly and disabled. Concept Mobility Ltd. with a team of professionals tends to educate all their clients in every way before starting the installation procedure. This is what makes Concept Mobility Ltd. reliable for services like wet rooms for the elderly/ disabled, mobility aids, walk-in showers, etc.

FAQ’s About Walk-in Showers

What makes a walk-in shower different?

A walk-in shower is a level shower area without steps, providing easy access. It usually features durable flooring, glass panels or curtains, handheld showerheads, grab bars, and sometimes a built-in bench.

Why should I consider a walk-in shower?

Walk-in showers offer accessibility and aesthetic appeal. They’re spacious, easy to clean, and luxurious, enhancing the overall look of your bathroom.

Are walk-in showers suitable for people with mobility issues?

Yes, walk-in showers are ideal for those with mobility challenges. They eliminate the need to step over a bathtub, reducing the risk of falls. Additionally, they can accommodate wheelchairs and offer stability with grab bars.

Can a walk-in shower fit in small bathrooms?

Yes, walk-in showers can be customized to fit various bathroom sizes and shapes. They make small bathrooms appear larger and can be installed without compromising space.

How do walk-in showers save energy and water?

Walk-in showers are energy-efficient and water-saving. They provide a long-term, budget-friendly solution for homeowners by minimizing water wastage.

What are the drawbacks of walk-in showers?

Walk-in showers may compromise privacy due to their transparent design. They can also lead to moisture and humidity issues, potentially causing mold. Additionally, they may feel colder due to their doorless design.

Why choose Concept Mobility Ltd. for walk-in shower installation?

Concept Mobility Ltd. offers professional services and educates clients thoroughly before installation. With expertise in wet rooms, mobility aids, and walk-in showers, they ensure reliable and tailored solutions for the elderly and disabled.