4 Reasons Why A Wetroom Is A Great Option

If you’ve been considering renovating your bathroom to make it more accessible for elderly or disabled members of the household or relatives, the first image that may come to mind is of sterile-looking hospital facilities, lacking any warmth or comfort.

However, this need not always be the case, and there’s no reason why a bathroom can’t be accessible whilst also being safe, welcoming and luxurious. Wet rooms have become very popular over the past few years, and they are a fantastic solution for anyone with restricted mobility, as well as providing a ‘wow’ factor for your home.

Let’s have a look at why wet rooms are a great bathroom option.

1. Accessibility

Many people would not instal a wet room for this reason, but they are particularly useful for the elderly and disabled. A wet room means no shower tray, and step-free access to the shower will make it easily accessible to anyone with mobility issues.

2. Improves the quality and value of your property

Traditional bathrooms can be susceptible to leaks and issues with damp, so to have taken care of that by completely waterproofing, or ‘tanking’ the bathroom can only be a good thing.

The desirability of wet rooms also makes your property more attractive if you decide to sell your property.

3. Improves your space usage

A wet room is ideal for smaller bathrooms, especially if you do not want or need a bathtub. A simple shower can free up space and open up the room. A wet room also means no shower screens are needed, which can sometimes block off a smaller bathroom.

4. It’s easy to keep clean

A huge benefit of installing a wet room is the ease at which it can be cleaned. As the environment is wet, normal household bathroom cleaners can be used right around the room to disinfect and keep mould and mildew at bay.

If you’re looking for wet room installers in Berkshire, get in touch today.

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