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Pros Of Splashback Walls In Bathrooms

Traditionally, the walls around baths and showers are tiled, involving lots of work and a considerable amount of time. These days, however, it can be much easier to protect your walls from shower spray, by using a splashback instead. 

So why are homeowners ditching tiles in favour of these single-sheet glass panels?

  • Quick to install

Unlike tiles, which have to be individually fitted to the wall and grouted in between, it is incredibly quick and easy to install a splashback. They can be cut to suit the exact requirements, and DIY enthusiasts will be pleased to hear adhesive splashbacks are incredibly easy to fit. 

  • Cheaper

As you just need one large sheet of material, they can be a lot less expensive than tiles. What’s more, they are simpler to install, so you can save on labour costs. It is also easy to clean and maintain splashbacks, so you don’t have to worry about having to change them anytime soon. In contrast, tiles can be easily scratched, marked, or cracked, meaning they might have to be replaced more often. 


  1. No mould or mildew

Homeowners who often have to scrub mildew and mould out of their grout will know how unpleasant and frustrating this can be. However, there is no grout with splashbacks, and they are also made with a protective coating that prevents mildew or mould from growing. 

To keep these glass panels clean, you simply need to wipe them with a damp cloth, which makes them relatively easy for someone with reduced mobility to maintain. 

For walk-in showers that would look ideal with a stylish splashback, take a look here.

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