Seoul Named ‘Most Accessible Holiday Destination’

People with restricted mobility can find it hard to choose where to go on holiday, as they have to consider how accessible each destination is for their needs. That is why a recent list naming the most disability-friendly cities in the world, with Seoul at the top, will come in handy.

Disability travel app Passenger Assistance has revealed the best city break destinations for those with limited mobility, basing results on their transport systems, reported the Metro.

Speaking with the publication, Jay Shen, founder of Passenger Assistance, said: “While buses, trams and trains typically offer reasonable levels of accessibility, Metro systems are often the best way to explore a city like a local.”

For instance, it picked Seoul in South Korea as the best for disabled travellers, thanks to its 622 stations, all of which are totally step-free.

The second best city is Shanghai in China. This relatively new metropolis has 345 stations that have no steps whatsoever, making it accessible for all. 

Osaka in Japan was named as the third most accessible city in the world, with 133 step-free travel hubs. Also in Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, has 104 stations with step-free access on its Rapid KL Line.

Unfortunately, European countries are known for their lack of accessibility, with cobbled streets, stations with lots of steps, and narrow pavements making it difficult for those in wheelchairs to get around easily. 

Paris, for example, has only nine step-free stations out of its 303.  

London and Glasgow also fared badly in the results, with just 33.4 per cent and 13.3 per cent of its stations being accessible respectively. 

Brits should make the most of travel discounts for disabled people when sightseeing in the UK. These include the Blue Badge scheme for free parking spaces, Taxicard discounts on London cabs, a free bus pass, and reduced fares on National Express and rail fares.

For better access in your own home, consider fitting hand rails where you need them.

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