Top Kitchen Trends For 2021

Whether you want to update your cooking area or wish to install a new disabled kitchen in Berkshire, you will have a huge choice when it comes to the latest designs. From natural woods to in-built bars, there are lots of stylish features you could fit in your kitchen, so why not take a look at the trends that are set to be huge in 2021?

Go white

While bold colours have been popular over the last year, an all-white kitchen is back in fashion, according to Uswitch.

The comparison site looked at online data to discover there were 84,700 searches for the term ‘white kitchen’.

“The neutral backdrop gives you the chance to customise your kitchen with accessories that will be easy to replace if you fancy a change,” Uswitch recommended, suggesting adding some bright tea towels, appliances, pots and pans to add a splash of colour to the room.

Veined marble

Marble will never go out of style, so it is a good option to invest in whether you choose it for your floor, wall or worktop.

So it is in keeping with the current trend, make sure you choose marble that is full of veins. You could opt for an entire floor in the pattern, or jazz up the kitchen with a marble splashback.

According to, it “looks good in both contemporary and traditional kitchens”, so you can’t go wrong with it. What’s more, the publication recognised marble veining is available in many colours, styles and depths, so you are bound to choose something that fits in with your décor.

Built-in features

Many homes these days boast clutter-free kitchens that seem to contain very few appliances, cups, fruit or other bits and bobs that get scattered around family rooms.

However, they might just be hidden away in in-built bars, pantries or cupboards. You can hide your toaster, kettle, teapot, teas, sugar, biscuits and coffee in a secret cupboard, only to open when you want to make a brew. Alternatively, some people keep their spirits, cocktail glasses and other bottles hidden to reveal their very own bar once doors are open.

These have been described by as the “latest kitchen must-have” to ensure a perfectly neat kitchen.

Open-plan kitchens

Will open-plan kitchens ever go out of fashion? They have been all the rage over the last few years, allowing families to spend more time together while the kids are doing their homework, playing or watching TV and parents are preparing food, and homeowners to be able to chat with their guests while they are sorting drinks and nibbles.

People all over the country are still knocking through doors to expand their kitchen-living space, while a Houzz study showed this trend is just as popular in the US. It found 22 per cent opened their kitchen to the outdoors to increase the size of the cooking area, while 43 per cent extended their kitchen into other interior rooms.

Open-plan kitchens aren’t just great for families but also for those with disabilities, as they make accessibility around the space far easier.

Curved kitchens

A trend that is new for 2021 is for curved designs in the kitchen, in the form of arches, tiles or paintwork.

The geometric patterns of the last few years are being replaced by a softer style, with noting that “arches are having a moment”.

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