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Wet Rooms Are Back And Bold

Nothing beats that spa experience at a hotel, spending a day wearing little more than a robe and be pampered. But it is easy to recreate that feeling in your own home with the help of a wet room.

Essentially, a wet room is a bathroom that has done away with the shower tray and lets the water run over the floor of the room. They’re a great option for smaller bathrooms and can bring colour and personality to the home, and they are also accessible for anyone with mobility difficulties. They can also help boost the value of your home.

However, installing a wet room is not a DIY task, and needs to be professionally done. Here’s all you need to know.

Enlist an expert

You will need to find a builder with experience in installing wet rooms. A gradient needs to be created on the floor so that water from the shower is channelled into the drain, and the entire room needs to be made waterproofed or ‘tanked’.

The gradient is commonly created by installing a sub-floor made from waterproof boards, which are then sealed and tiled.

Ventilation is also an important requirement for the almost constantly near-humid space, and underfloor heating is strongly advised to help the floor dry out quickly.

Focus on furniture

There are other hurdles to overcome, especially when picking furniture.

Ideally, you will want wall-mounted toilets and sanitaryware, that gives the impression of it ‘floating’ off the bathroom floor, and you will need to think about storage solutions too. Mirrors must be anti-fog to ensure they are not forever out of use and steamed up.

However, if you do not go for underfloor heating, then you need to think carefully about bathroom radiators. The high levels of moisture in the bathroom can cause some towel rails to rust or painted radiators to peel.

The only way to ensure that your towel rail remains in tip-top condition is to opt for a quality stainless steel model.

Daring designs

Tiles are still the most popular floor and wall covering for a wet room, and here you can experiment and have fun with colours and patterns.

The tiling of the floor into the shower area will give visual space, and allow the room to look more open. Consider using different patterns or colours to create tiled zones for each section of the bathroom.

A wet room could also be where you choose to go wild with exotic Aztec prints or oddly shaped tiles. Or, you could make a huge impact in a big room with an all-encompassing luxurious black covering ceiling, wall and flooring.

The modern bathroom has become far more than a space for daily ablutions and has become room for self-care, wellness, and relaxation. A good bathroom can transform into a utopian escape at the end of a long day.

If you’re looking for wet room installers in Berkshire, then get in touch today for more information.

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