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What To Consider For The Right Bathroom Adaptations

Making the right adjustments to your home can mean the difference between living independently, or needing outside care. They can help with performing everyday activities, and also reduce the risk of falls and accidents. If you or your loved ones are deciding which bathroom adaptions to install, here are some points to consider.

If you are making the decisions on behalf of someone else, try and include then as much as possible in the planning process. This way, you are far more likely to have appropriate adaptations that are not met with suspicion or hostility. If you are unsure, consult an occupational therapist, or ask your local council’s social services team for advice.

A user-friendly bathroom is essential to maintain hygiene and safety. For those who like a relaxing soak in the bathtub, but have limited mobility, there are a few options. Walk-in baths have a door in the side for ease of access, but the user will need to sit inside the tub while it fills and drains, meaning they may get cold in the process.

A better option may be a bath lift, which can be installed over your existing bath. They are easy to use, with a remote-control operation, and lift the body from underneath with a cushioned seat. Some grab rails fixed to the wall can help the user when moving on and off the seat.

If a bath is too difficult to manage, a walk-in shower with wheel-chair entry and adjustable seating may be a good option. For an aesthetically pleasing and completely obstacle free bathroom, you could have a wet room installed. This will involve refitting the whole room to make it sealed and drainable, and laying a non-slip surface on the floor.

For those with chronic illnesses or disabilities, there are funds available such as the Disabled Facilities Grant which will cover the cost of adaptations. Your local authority may also be able to provide advice or equipment.

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